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How many net carbs are there in the final gelato with the KeToschi base?

In each recipe there are no more than 3 g of net carbs per portion (100 g)

What are NET Carbs?

Net carbs are the total amount of carbs in food excluding fibers and polyols. This is because fibers and polyols are not digested by your body and don’t induce the insulin response as sugars and other carbs and don’t prevent your body from going into the ketosis status.

Is there sugar in the gelato made with the KeToschi base?

In the gelato there is only the sugar naturally present in cream(lactose) or in the added ingredients (pistachio, peanuts..). The recipes you’ll find with the KeToschi base are already formulated to have the minimum amount of sugar possible.

Does the gelato require a special cabinet or temperature to be stored?

No. All the recipes are formulated to match a standard gelato recipe. You can check the formulation parameters in the recipe book.

What is the shelf life of the gelato made with the KeToschi base?

Probably longer than your regular gelato thanks to the high content of fibers. So if you package your gelato you can store it without problems even for a long time.

Is the gelato made with KeToschi base ok for diabetics?

Yes. However in most countries you cannot directly advertise food sold in a gelato shop as “for diabetics”. Therefore, check your local regulations.

What sweeteners do you use in the Ketoschi base?

Xylitol and Maltitol. They provide a natural sweetness and theright texture to the gelato while having a very low impact on the insulin response.

Are there intensive sweeteners like stevia, aspartame or sucralose in the KeToschi base?

No. We didn’t add any intensive sweeteners, all the sweetness comes from Xylitol and Maltitol.

Does the KeToschi base contain additives?

The only additives in the base are Maltitol and Xylitol, which are necessary for the taste and texture. There are no emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, artificial aromas or colourings.

Is KeToschi organic?

KeToschi base contains only the minimum technical ingredients to make your gelato, they are not organic but they leave you the freedom to produce your gelato using the main ingredients (cream, pistachio, cocoa) organic if you wish.

How many calories are there in my gelato made with the KeToschi base?

You can consult the nutritional values of each recipe inside the KeToschi recipe book.

Can KeToschi base be laxative?

Some people can be sensitive to high amounts of polyols, for this reason it is suggested to consume one portion (100 g) per day to avoid any discomfort.

Is there gluten in KeToschi base?

No. All products are gluten free.

Can I make plant-based gelato with KeToschi base?

Yes. KeToschi bases come in two versions, one for dairy-based gelato and one for plant-based gelato.

Can I make fruit sorbet with KeToschi base?

Yes. You can use KeToschi base for fruit sorbet however you will add sugars from the fruit, so you won’t be able to call it “low in sugars”, and it won’t be “keto-friendly”. You can still use the claim “no-added sugars”.

Can I call my gelato “Sugar Free”?

In Europe, USA and most countries of the world you cannot call any food that contains naturally occurring sugars “sugar free”. If you do use this claim it’s at your own risk. If you are outside of the EU and USA check your local regulations.

Can I substitute part of the cream with coconut oil?

Yes. If you wish to reduce the cream and substitute it with coconut oil you can do it. For technical support please contact us directly.

What is the difference with other “no added sugars” gelato bases?

Most of the gelato bases on the market use intensive sweeteners, artificial aromas, GMO ingredients and several additives to make sure the product is acceptable.
These ingredients however are in contrast with the idea of a clean and healthy diet and very difficult to communicate to your customers.
For this reason KeToschi includes very few ingredients and you can communicate and market your product better, without having to hide anything, being proud of your label.

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