Nutritional Claims

The following claims are legally defined in Europe, USA, Canada and most of the world, however, if you are unsure check your local regulations.

  1. No added sugars
  2. Low sugars (<5%)
  3. Rich in fibers (>6%)

If you package your product remember that you will have to add on the label the followings mandatory claims:

  • An excessive consumption can cause laxative effects.
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars

Marketing Claims

The following claims can be useful to better communicate your product to your customer base.

  1. Keto friendly
  2. NET Carbs <3%
  3. Low carbs
  4. No GMO
  5. Gluten free
  6. Short ingredient list
  7. No emulsifiers
  8. Vegan or Plant-based (For the KeToschi Vegan Base)
  9. No intensive sweeteners
  10. Diabetics friendly
  11. Low Glycemic index ingredients