KeToschi - Gelato for everybody

A revolutionary ice cream base to produce keto-friendly, no added sugar ice cream or gelato.

Ice cream without added sugars?

A complete solution for keto-friendly ice cream that doesn't limit your creativity.

Keto ice cream base

No added sugars ice cream or gelato and low sugars ice cream or gelato.

Dairy and plant-based

KeToschi comes in a keto dairy ice cream version and in a keto vegan ice cream one.

Keto toppings

A powdered base to produce keto toppings for your ice cream with fresh or frozen fruit.

Recipe book included

KeToschi comes with a complete keto-friendly ice cream recipe book.

Nutrition Claims

Following KeToschi recipe book you will be able to use these claims in EU, USA, Canada and most countries in the world.

No added sugars

EFSA and FDA compliant

Low sugar

Less than 5% of sugars

Rich in fibers

More than 6% of fibers

Frequently asked questions

You've got a lot of questions, haven't ya?

How many net carbs are there in the final gelato with the KeToschi base?

In each recipe there are no more than 3 g of net carbs per portion (100 g)

What are NET Carbs?

Net carbs are the total amount of carbs in food excluding fibers and polyols. This is because fibers and polyols are not digested by your body and don’t induce the insulin response as sugars and other carbs and don’t prevent your body from going into the ketosis status.

Is there sugar in the gelato made with the KeToschi base?

In the gelato there is only the sugar naturally present in cream (lactose) or in the added ingredients (pistachio, peanuts..). The recipes you’ll find with the KeToschi base are already formulated to have the minimum amount of sugar possible.

Does the gelato require a special cabinet or temperature to be stored?

No. All the recipes are formulated to match a standard gelato recipe. You can check the formulation parameters in the recipe book.

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